Write-a-Book Project 2018


Parents, teachers and pupils from twenty-six schools across Counties Cavan and Monaghan gathered in the Garage Theatre in Monaghan on 31st May, to celebrate the successes of the young authors who had won awards in the latest literacy project run by Monaghan Education Centre.

The Write-a-Book Project has been running in County Monaghan since 2001, and has been co-ordinated by Wendy Flood for the past 11 years. The project was launched in January, and schools have been working hard on their creative, and technical skills in English lessons since then. The literacy projects are skills-based and encourage pupils at all ages in primary school to plan, draft and edit their own work, under the supervision of their teacher. The Write-a-Book Project encourages individuals to produce an entire book, which is a great undertaking. All aspects of written literacy are involved, from the early planning stages to completion of an illustrated product which has incorporated imagination, editing, correct grammar and spelling.

The proceedings were opened by Wendy Flood who welcomed the winning 150 pupils, their families, and the teachers. She praised the efforts of all involved and stressed that these winners were the tip of the literacy iceberg, as some of them were chosen as winners from class groups as large as 28 pupils.

All pupils were called up by name, and the title of their book, and were presented with a Merit winners medal and certificate before being photographed in school groups. As the names of the Merit winners were read aloud, it was noted that there were several repeat winners from previous events, and that these writers might consider further nurturing their skills.

Mr David McCague, Director of Monaghan Education Centre, thanked all the teachers who had encouraged and supported their pupils in this project, and explained how this project was a great way to develop the art of imagination, the skill of critical thinking and self-evaluation, during the editing process. The Staff in the Education Centre, Mary Savage, Carmel McKenna and Mary Mc Quaid were commended for their hard work behind the scenes, as were the staff at the garage theatre itself for ensuring a great venue was available and that the event ran smoothly.

It was a great night for celebration, Congratulations to all the young authors who wrote their own book this year. It really is a feat of endurance to start the writing process, and manage to create a book. Keep up the good work over the summer ready for another exciting literacy project in the next school year.

Write A Book Co-ordinator:  Wendy Flood