Primary School Debates 2016-17

Get Debating!

  • School uniforms are a good idea,
  • Conserving water is not an important issue for Ireland
  • Children know how to use the internet safely.

Agree or Disagree, Propose or Oppose? YOU DECIDE!

Monaghan Education Centre, along with CONCERN, is now taking applications from schools who would like to improve research skills, heighten opinions and share their ideas with others.

The Great Monaghan Debate is now on! Come along to the Education Centre 4:00-5:00pm on Tuesday 8th November 2016 for updates on rules, ideas to start debating with your class, to meet the other debaters, and to plan the next cycle of debates in Monaghan!

Register your debate team of 6 pupils using the attached form, and return, closing date extended to Friday 28th October.

The first debates will be held in the week 21 November!!



All schools are welcome to join, newcomers and experienced debaters alike.

Wendy Flood, Project Co-ordinator.