Primary School Debates 2017/18 FUN Day


Get Debating!

  • School uniforms are a good idea,
  • Conserving water is not an important issue for Ireland
  • Children know how to use the internet safely.

Agree or Disagree, Propose or Oppose? YOU DECIDE!

Monaghan Education Centre, along with CONCERN, is now taking applications from schools who would like to improve research skills, heighten opinions and share their ideas with others.

The Great Monaghan Debate is now on!

Come along to the Monaghan Education Centre for a FUN Day for the teachers and teams on Friday 22nd September 2017 from 10am – 2pm.

Register your debate team of 6 pupils using the Registration Form, and return by Friday 15th September 2017

Concern Worldwide Student/ Teacher Training Sessions

Concern Worldwide invites teachers and students participating in the Concern Primary Debates Programme to an interactive training session. Teachers will receive practical advice and tips on how to successfully integrate the Debates programme within their classroom. Students will learn about the structure of the programme and take part in activities to help their debating skills.

Teachers will receive:

  • Lesson plans on how to incorporate Debating into the classroom.
  • Debating methodologies.
  • Tips on how to approach motions with a class group.
  • Advice on tackling development issues.
  • New handbook with rules and regulations for the programme.

All schools are welcome to join, newcomers and experienced debaters alike.