Primary Schools Debating Final 2017/18

“The voting age should be lowered to 16”

In October 2017, 16 schools registered to participate in Monaghan’s Primary Debating Project run by Monaghan Education Centre.

Having battled their way to the forefront of the Primary Schools’ Debating league of 2017-2018, these 5th and 6th Class pupils had argued emotive topics such as “To tackle climate change, all people should be vegetarians”, “Children under 14 should not be allowed on social media”, “Ireland should give more money in aid to poor countries”, and “Advertising on childrens’ T.V. should be outlawed”. Now, only two schools remained.

On May 11th, in the final of the Monaghan Schools Debating Project, the motion: “The Voting Age should be lowered to 16“, was debated by St Louis GNS, Monaghan and Corcreagh NS, Shercock, Co Cavan.

With their teams of three competent speakers, ably assisted by their research team and timekeeper, St Louis GNS team proposed the motion, which was opposed by Corcreagh NS.

Both sides presented convincing arguments with statistics, and quotes, to support their standpoint, but in conclusion, the three impartial adjudicators declared St Louis GNS as the 2017/2018 winners. Both teams congratulated the other for having worked hard and for arguing their points convincingly. St Louis GNS are the fifth school to be awarded the prestigious title of “Monaghan’s Primary Debating Champions”. Both schools deserve tremendous credit for their preparation and delivery and while only one team emerged with the silverware all participants grasped the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that will serve them well in the future. Congratulations to both teams of six debaters, their classmates for their planning and research, and of course, to their teachers, Ms. Deery and Principal Ms Farrell in St. Louis GNS and Ms. Sherry and Principal Ms. Duffy in Corcreagh NS.

Audience members were amazed at the confidence and oratory skills on display and we wish to thank all the schools who engaged with the competition and the adjudicators who made this project a great success.