Strand B – Monaghan Targeted Schools Support

Embracing Shared Communities Project: Strand B – Monaghan Targeted Schools Support

The Embracing Shared Communities Strand II Targeted Supports aims to help families and schools produce young people who are free from intolerance and bigotry resulting in a more inclusive and accepting society.

The project will enable young people from different religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to come together to the safety of the school environment to avail of much-needed one to one support and guidance from the School Support Coordinator. Students will be encouraged to engage in a range of programmes and interventions aimed at promoting positive self-development, supporting academic achievement, promoting cultural awareness and understanding while also developing good relations at local level.

Specific elements of this project will include diversity and cultural awareness, anti-sectarianism and anti-racism training for young people and their families, which will raise awareness and understanding of the different cultures and traditions of people resident in County Monaghan and to promote an acceptance of diversity.

We will specifically engage with displaced young people and families through the provision of one to one support from the Student Support Coordinator. This level of support is necessary initially to encourage these young people and their families to participate in the project and to also engage fully with the formal education sector, informal youth sector and wider community.

In addition to the one to one support offered through the service, we also provide a range of group activities to young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds in order to support their personal, social and academic development as well as promoting interaction with their peers, teachers, the informal education and youth sector and the wider community.  These programmes include:

Participating Schools

Primary:St. Louis Infant School, St. Louis Girls N.S., St. Mary’s Boys School and Model School.

Secondary:St. Louis Secondary, St. Macartan’s College and Monaghan Collegiate School.

Details of events at individual schools can be accessed through the school websites.

For further information on the project please contact David McCague, Targeted Schools Support Coordinator on 047 74004 or email

david mc cague

This project is part financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund through the PEACE III Programme

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