Invitation to Primary Schools (School Placement)

Dear Principal,

As you will be aware many schools in our catchment area accept student teachers for school placement (teaching practice).  Monaghan Education Centre in conjunction with D.C.U. Institute of Education (formally St Patrick’s Training College) are trying to put in place supports for Principals and teachers to enable then assist the student teachers.  We are organising three workshops over the course of the current academic year.  Details are included in the accompanying flyers.  I hope your school can avail of this support by attending the workshops.  Book your place by contacting Monaghan Education Centre.

Workshop 1: School Placement – A Whole School Approach
Monaghan Education Centre: Mon, 13th Nov 2017  4 – 6pm

Workshop 2: Practical ways to assist Student Teachers on Placement
Monaghan Education Centre: Mon, 19th Feb 2018  4 – 6pm

Workshop 3: Reflect and Review: Improving and Developing
Monaghan Education Centre: Mon, 28th May 2018  4 – 6pm

To book your place at these workshop please contact the centre at 047 74000 or email